Tuesday, August 24, 2010


    A man with CONFIDENCE can achieve greatness. To achieve this noticeable attribute, he must be educated with sustainable knowledge about how to present himself as a man in varied surroundings. A man must learn how to be a man - from men. Family, peers, even a complete stranger, every man in the world today should feel that they have a responsibility to show youth that being a real man doesn’t always come naturally, especially by example, you can’t always repeat the exact steps shown by another. Boys have to be taught to take in the teachings of men and use that knowledge to create their own path in life, while also passing that knowledge to another along the way.

This blog is here to assist along the way. We will help each other in gaining, and gathering knowledge about clothing, grooming, relationships, etc. My papa was a rolling stone, doesn’t mean that I have to be one!

P.S. Try to leave a quote at the end of your comment, your words of wisdom could impact someone’s life.


  1. 1.The first step in dressing smart is reorganizing your closet. Arrange your closet by work and play, week and weekend. Suits, dress shirts, slacks should be separate from weekend attire (casual shirts, jeans, khakis,sneakers, etc.)
    2.Get rid of the clothes you have not worn in a year or longer. If clothes you have are too big, take them to a tailor. If your shoes curl up like an elf shoe,put them on, take a picture, and say to yourself never again! LOL
    3. New with the old: plenty of casual shirts and no dress shirts? Or one pair of dress shoes and plenty of sneakers, tube socks galore and only one pair of dress socks? Make a list of what you have in your closet. Next, make a list that would make each item more versatile. Example: You have a light brown tonal plaid linen sports coat written on the left side. Right side: light blue cotton woven shirt, silk tie with contrasting plaid (dark blue, baby blue, light brown), tan linen slacks, medium gray worsted lightweight wool slacks. The right side is your shopping list. Circle the items on your right side of your list that can go with other items, these will be your first priority when shopping. The more versatile you are with your purchase will give you a assortment of new looks.

    Quote: "Confidence, some are born with it others acquire confidence over time, clothing just helps."
    Antonio Arsis

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